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Latest Quick Daily Devotion by Josh clark

Quick Daily Devotion, Episode 95

Quick Daily Devotion, Episode 95
Quick Daily Devotion with Josh Clar...

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Our Quick Daily Devotion this morning comes from Proverbs 1:1-7 NKJV Take Away: A wise person will seek counsel and grow in wisdom but the foolish will ignore it. 1 The proverbs of Solomon the son of David, king of Israel: 2 To know wisdom and instruction, To perceive the words of understanding, 3 To receive the instruction …

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Latest Be Your Best by Josh Clark

Episode 62: The Last Mile

Anyone can start a race or anything for that matter. The real question is not can you, but will you choose to go the LAST MILE! I think this story featured on Good Morning America will inspire you to not only go the last mile, but finish it strong!

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